Friday, 4 May 2012

Routine Drive Brings Blessings

No, I don't have a hobby farm or even live in the country, but the Lord has allowed me to gaze upon this kind of beauty within the monotonous drive of a gathered hour each week day.
God has poured out his love into our hearts. Romans 5:5. I see His love through...

Fluffy sheep and their lambs,

goats and cows,


 Mama horse and her foal.

And this... I really do wonder what is up with this creature(?). I was driving by and thought it was a turtle crossing the road, because of the way it was crawling. So I pulled over to help it cross before it got run over. But after I walked up to it, I realised it was a frog...and then after an even closer look: frogs!! It looks like one is piggy backing on the other, but it could possibly be a deformation. I'm not sure. The poor thing could hardly even hop. It would be interesting to know what is up with the frogs.
Well some added interest to my drive home! Thank you Lord for all you offer in the blessings of nature.

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  1. Well after I showed a friend the picture of the toads, she mentioned this is how they mate, the smaller toad on top is the male. So I googled this and she is right and in fact they can mate like this for days. So these two toads were likely off to some place to lay some eggs adventually. Pretty interesting!


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