Monday, 12 March 2012

Line Drying Weather! And more frugality...

I have been looking forward to this time of year, when I can hang a few loads of laundry out and it dries before the days end. I cant wait to smell the fresh clean sent as I am folding it all. I am so easily thrilled, aren't I?
I came up with a simple idea to use all the Clementine crates we have acquired through out the winter. I just don't feel right about throwing them all out and the little wooden boxes looked to rough to use, so I made a pretty liner. And now it fits right into my decor.

I just cut out a piece of fabric for each side and bottom with an inch seam allowance, and I doubled the height of the sides, for folding down over the edge.
Pinned right sides together.
I sewed up the pieces that are attached to the bottom piece first. Then I sewed the side seams up.
Then sewed a hem around the top edge. I made it a pretty small hem. But a big one would look nice too.
Now I have a pretty little lined box, handy for all sorts of things. I'm using mine for books. Also I should note that this is a recycled project all around. The fabric I used was a pillow case I wasn't using any longer.

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