Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Concert with Kids

 Yesterday evening was spent in Ottawa at a free concert, featuring a local artist, Scott Towaij. It was a great experience. The music was great and the lyrics were wholesome. Another thing, is that it was so nice to be able to bring our kids and not worry about anything wrong that they might be exposed to but they hopefully were encouraged along with me in the music and the atmosphere. 
 In contrast to this, brings to mind a recent add for M&Ms. It really shouldn't blow my mind how this advertisement has sexualized children's candy, considering other adds for TOILET PAPER, body lotion, jeans, perfume, shoes. But when it is meant to target children, that really makes me feel violated as a mother. My son was on a website for children's games. And I told him I'm sorry but you have to play on another site because of that add. That's not right!!
 Because of the mass amount of advertising most of us are subjected to we become so desensitised and we hardly recognise what the message the add is giving. Most come to think that the references to sex are just funny and harmless. And I guess thats how it all gets worse and worse. Well I guess I'm ranting now. But I wish more recognised what is really being fed to the public by the media. I'm going to look into seeing what I can do about this. There is a reason most children are loosing thier innocence at such an early age, thsese days...It has to start somewhere...

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