Thursday, 20 February 2014

New Every Morning

What more can we ask for when the Father is so faithful in His love, and His mercies. This is what every human being yearns for. Every being is crying out for unconditional love, and true acceptance. Just when we feel defeated the Father wants us to never forget, that His mercy never ends, its always new. This to me is so freeing. Satan wants us to never really "get" this. To feel ashamed to think we can have another do over. To get wrapped up in guilt that clouds Gods promises. We all have the right to be courageous and turn to the Lord for victory over our stumbling blocks, turn a deaf ear to Satan's lies that we are to be punished/punishing our selves. Christ already took our punishment, and He wants us to live a new life, a free life, in Him.

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  1. Amen!! God does indeed want nothing but the best for His children!! His Word, His Truth can and does set us free when we choose to accept it and move past the sin. Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts!! Blessings to you!!

    Trish (P31 OBS Blog Hop Team)


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