Thursday, 10 May 2012

Great Grand Questions!

We recently had a visit from Great Grandma, and a second cousin who travelled many provinces over. My youngest made the visit very memorable for me. She clearly remembers her Great Grandma, and with having only met her a couple of times is pretty impressive. But I believe its that she finds Great Grandma very fascinating. And she was quite impressed that she wore a "princess dress" the last time she saw her. Well the curiosity of her 4 year old self got the better of her later on when she stared asking about Great Grandmas moles, her gold teeth, her wig hum, yup I don't think she left any questions unasked! Oh ya she also asked "why do you have cracks in your face?" So she tells her little 88 year younger great grand daughter, "well when you get my age you will have cracks in your face too." But really I was so thankful that my Grandma was so kind in all her answers, being understanding of her curiosity. 
Little Great Grand Daughter giving Great Grandma a stuffy to sleep with at bed time.

Four Generations of mothers and daughters! (Gods richest blessings)

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