Thursday, 3 May 2012

Forest Findings

We are off on our hike through the forest

Just on the outer edge of the woods we spot something...

And MacMurray is the most curious, and is enjoying taunting an emblem of Canada : the beaver. It was referred to a symbol of Canada in the early years for its fur being valuable in trade, and for Canada's industry seeing how the beaver is such a clever busy builder.

Anyway, as interesting as it was to be able to watch the beaver and get a good close look, there was something obviously wrong with him. We suspected he was hit by a car. His behaviour was odd, being that he was just hanging out in a little field. Also he looked wet, possibly with blood on its back end.

We let him be and went on our way to explore in the forest.

The rug of the forest. I wonder what kind of moss this is? I think maybe fern moss...

An abundance of drift wood has gathered on the rocky shore, making it easy to explore along there.

The province of Ontario's emblem the Trillium, ready to bloom soon. Interestingly the seeds are spread by ants!

A Human Porcupine!!

This most likely is a squirrel or chipmunk home (?) 

A little posy.

One twisted tree, perfect for a seat.

Until next time...

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