Thursday, 4 April 2013

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Deliver us, we pray thee, from the tyranny of trifles. Teach us how to listen to the prompting of thy Spirit, and thus save us from floundering in indecision that wastes time, subtracts from our peace, divides our efficiency, and multiplies our troubles. Amen
-Peter Marshall
Some spiritual math there for you. But this quote made me think about what our group was reading about in bible study yesterday, in Matthew chapter 26. The story of the woman pouring the EXPENSIVE perfume over Jesus. It made me think of how logically the disciples were correct in their thinking but also this woman was bang on in her discernment because she was thinking with her faithful heart. So there, in my opinion proves the point that a following believer of Christ doesn't go strictly by rules (legalism) but continually turns to the Lord for direction and discernment. We obey and follow then because we love Him.

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