Friday, 19 April 2013

Gift Giving - Values Shift

Here is a reminder to myself and any one else that can relate...
Sometimes when your expectations are let down, what does it matter when life's surprises cover the multiple times in between?
There has been many times in the past when it comes to birthdays, Mothers Day, etc. that I had hopes of certain gifts or gestures that really were brought on by what may have been displayed in ads. or movies or heard from others. Expectations get let down, and some how I feel that this represents the love others have for me (probably due to my "love language"). But no one is perfect, life is always up and down, and no one can read my mind! (the - ! - is for me). So I need to take this time of being appreciated by my family and let it soak in and sink into my mind.
I came home from a conference this past Sat. and was surprised with a candle lit dinner for myself along with a dozen roses, each bearing a note stuck into the roses. Each said something sweet about me or to me. I was overwhelmed by the unexpected gesture. I felt so loved and I thought what does it matter if I don't get anything else this upcoming Mothers Day and when I didn't get my wishes fulfilled the past ones, when I know my family loves me everyday and they show it at random times of the year.
You know what, I believe the tradition of spend spend spending $$ on calendar occasions is mostly built up by commercialism anyways. Its nice to receive gifts but hasn't it been taken too far, for most of the holidays?
Its so hard to find anything that would be appropriate these days, because mostly everyone has everything they want!
The most reluctant gift most are willing to give is time.
I challenge myself and you to make that change. Give your time out of love instead of some stores merchandise, and see what happens. 

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