Friday, 29 June 2012

A Mother's Prayer

This was a sliver of my day yesterday. It was beautiful. Walking in the sand, the kids trying to catch fish, playing with the sand, watching minnows, and picking flowers. But as a mother (and a woman), its not hard to imagine how things can all change so quickly in one day. And so I wrote out my feelings in a prayer...

O-Sometimes it's all so overwhelming with all there is to do and then all the things I want to do. Never enough time, Hard to find enough patience. Tough to find the resources. And when you need the help or participants, they are often hard to come by.
It's all...what? About balance?
O-Lord help me to be humble, to turn to you first for the guidance, to balance, by prioritizing all the things I need to do, then what is important enough, of the things I want to do.
O-I want freedom sometimes. I need peace, but Lord I know that true freedom and peace only come from You. Also I know from past experience that I will gain that from You when I start my day out with You-First.
Yes-First to praise, first to thank. First to ask, first to request. First to vent to, First to lement. First to allow into my heart and be honest with, so I can recieve guidance towards a balanced life. 

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