Monday, 11 June 2012

Salvage-Style Project Almost Drives Woman to Insanity

 I was looking through a book I recently picked up at the Library called Salvage-Style Projects, and was inspired by a project and kinda put my own spin on it to accommodate what I have been wanting. Which is something to put the kids art work in, to display a few pieces at once, but not have the commitment to permanently stay in a frame. And that it could be swapped out in exchange for a fresh piece of work. I went along with the idea of salvaging an old window. Which in this old house, I found 3. Lots of old things in this nearly 200 year old house! I had a little extra work though because every window had 2 panes, but each had one broken pane of glass and one not (all where the same size window, whew). So I went to work, picked my favorite window frame, and worked at taking all the caulking out of the broken pane and cleaned it up good for a good pane of glass to fit in. So I worked at removing a good pane of glass from an other window next. It was taking me a while, got about 3/4 ways done of removing the old caulking when, I broke the glass! UGH! Ok no worries I have another glass window pane I can remove from the third window...another good 30 or more minutes later, I do it again. Thats it, my project is ruined. So I go moping to my husband. Well I guess I can have a real old look and use the broken glass :( He asks me, did I look in his workshop for more windows? I answered, kinda. Well he takes another look for me and finds another window. Yay......but I just know I'll repeat what I did before. So he takes a little more time (from re-shingling our shed) to quickly pull the window apart and in no time he has a beautiful - whole piece of glass out and ready to be installed in my frame. He even adhered it in place. :) Thank you Honey. From saving me from insanity.
  Well the rest of the project is not as exciting. Caulking, windexing, and wiping down. My original plan for mounting it on the wall was to use big screw hooks to put in the window top and screws measured the same distance on the wall, attached by a bit of chain for each side. But the hooks were not in supply in the workshop. So I used what I had: two big eye hooks and sturdy copper wire. Guess who hung this big window? Well I know I could have but why not save time and lots of frustration. Ya, it was honey. Thanks honey for always helping me with MY projects. This DIY project sorta turned into a YDIH (You Do It Honey) Project. he he
I figured the best way to attach the art to the inside of the glass was a little clear double sided tape. 
I love it!

 You are probably thinking I grabbed that long piece and started smashing glass, don't you?

The window is old, but someone not too long ago did put some fresh paint on it, so I evened out the oldness of it by scraping some paint off with a flat screw driver, and I did a little sanding here and there.

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