Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Sweet Experience, with the Tweeting Kind.

 Here is a little bird ( I believe a starling ) my children found outside the house, fallen from its nest that it built in our roof ( ugh! )
 Here is our littlest one gazing upon him. Poor little birdie. We couldn't just leave him, we knew for sure that our cats would get a hold of him in no time and know. The nest was way too high to place him back in, so I used trusty old google to figure out how to care for him. Apparently water-logged cat food was the food of choice fed by tweezers. Soft bedding and kept safe and dark in a box. Then the next day the kids find two more. Oh my goodness, its getting kinda noisy in my house. Then half a day later the kids find another two. At this point I am really wondering what is up with this mother bird and her nest making abilities! So at this point I am mother bird of 5. And life is feeling a little too hectic. I needed to find another solution. I searched more on google and came across a wiki how website. This gave me the answer I was really thankful for. Simulate a new nest in a basket and hang it near the nest away from predators (my evil yet lovely kitty cats). To be honest I was a little nervous about the whole idea. Would the mother find them right away? Would my make shift basket nest work out? Would the cats still get at them? Would the basket fall down? But I did it and nearly a week later we checked on them and I am happy to report they are alive and we have witnessed the mother bird bringing her babies food. And also, they don't look disgusting anymore. They are looking quite cute and feathery.
I must say it was a great experience to witness so closely a -mysterious to us- creature the Lord so awesomely created. It was so cool how their mouths were able to open up like a book to be able to easily catch any morsel of food. And the mother bird, such a small and seemingly insignificant creature at times, has such a big job. I praise the Lord for this closer glimpse into His creation!

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