Friday, 24 February 2012

Family Fun with sneaky lessons

 In the spirit of Family day this past Monday in Ontario, it really inspired us to do some fun activities. All winter I have been wanting to have a fire outside. We have never done this before, during the winter. So we had some hot dogs and called that dinner. It was cozy, a bonn fire is definitely a nice idea for the winter. We sat close, warmed our hands. When that was done we went in for veggies with dip.

 Another activity we did was a great idea from the "Thriving Family" magazine( It gave different ideas for cabin fever rescues. The kids all participated in the Helping Hands Scavenger Hunt. Their list consisted of:
  • a good pair of pants they had out grown, for donation 
  • 3 good shirts they have out grown, for donation
  • 2 nice toys, for donation
  • 4 socks with holes, to be thrown out
  • a nicely written letter for a relative far away
  • a treat picked out for a classmate (not including a friend)
The kids had fun racing around, and they accomplished a lot in the meantime! The winner got a big cookie.
 We also had an evening of reading together. We each picked what we wanted to read to everyone. Violet wanted a picture book "Saying Goodbye to Lulu", Lake picked "Captain Underpants", Holly picked a girly novel, my husband picked the news (the kids were surprisingly interested), I picked my healthy eating book "You Are What You Eat". It was a good idea we got from the "Do Good" book we look through. It was a neat way to share our differences and be cozy together.

Here is the latest pile on the coffee table, that I have started looking through, hopefully the kids will join me.

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