Friday, 17 February 2012

Merry Winter Occasions

 Frosty the snow man, who had a carrot nose and two eyes of broccoli florets! Hey, it worked :)  This was what my youngest and I accomplished a mild afternoon recently. Its not too often that its a mild enough temperature for the snow to be packy to make snow men. Along with the mild weather, comes lots of melting. And mucky spots that the kids run into during their playing outside. Does anyone else feel guilty about how little the snow suits go into the wash? Its not until I am sitting beside them at an appointment or on our way to church that I notice the mud smears on their coats and think- oh my, when was the last time I washed those jackets?
 Well I'm happy to say the Valentines celebration I planned turned out great! The meal was good (similar to a traditional Christmas turkey dinner). Dessert was excellent! red and white cake with cool whip and strawberries (thanks mom), pink frosted heart cupcakes (thanks sis) and heart cookies sandwiching, icing and jam, which I contributed. They have been a hit 2 yrs in a row, for class parties.

During the dinner, conversation was enthusiastically centred on questions asked on cards I had placed under the dinner plates. On each card was a fun question. Each one of us had 2 cards. Questions like "What super hero superpower would you like?", "What is your best and worst quality?". It was a great way to have all people included in conversation, kids and adults. I'm gunna make a point of doing this again. Also I have concluded that making Valentines day a family celebration is the best way to go. Everyone is joined together in a loving, fun, and tasty get together and no pressure on the romantic side, no let downs of unfulfilled expectations of romantic dinners or that sort of thing. Do I sound like I'm trying to convince myself? Ha Ha Ha!! (I am) A card would have been the least! :(  But I did have fun and we all did. That was the important part.

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