Sunday, 8 December 2013

Easy Advent Calendar

 Advent started this past Sunday. My family looks forward to this tradition every year. There are the candles. Five in a circle. The scriptures read. Different ones to focus on the Lord Jesus. Singing Christmas carols. Lifting our spirits and our voices in praise to God. A prayer to close. Sometimes something extra, like a craft or treat is fun to do. I wanted to add the advent calendar this year. Something fun for my kids to look forward too. I see the Santa themed chocolate calendar every year, but I just don't like that idea. I've seen so many neat ideas on line. But I really wanted to come up with something that would be thrifty and use what I had on hand. This idea is also very easy.
 I used a frame that had matting. I took the back off and cut to size, a nice piece of card stock and a piece of corrugated cardboard. Put frame back together with card stock on top of cardboard. Get out some more card stock and cut smaller sized rectangles to fit the middle of the frame. Twenty five of them. Punch a hole in the centre top of each. I hand wrote the numbers for each day counting up to the twenty fifth. I found printable activity ideas on line, for something fun each day. And glued them on the back of each card. I used an antique nail to hang the cards in the centre of the frame.

I know its late to start advent just now. But better late then never!

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